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The Sanborn™ Fire Insurance Maps were originally created for assessing fire insurance liability in urbanized areas in the United States. The maps include detailed information regarding town and building information in approximately 12,000 U.S. towns and cities from 1867 to 1970. They are a highly useful resource for historical research, planning, preservation, genealogical research, sociological studies and research of urban geography. (Courtesy of WikiPedia)

The Trenton Historical Society was able to digitize maps of Monguagon Township in the Summer of 2007. This collection of public domain maps were photographed from the printed maps owned by Dick Rushlow and Dawn and Paul Shoemaker, on temporary loan to the Trenton Historical Society, and included the years 1922 and 1938. As only the 1922 maps have fallen into the public domain, only these maps are available online.

A Special Thanks...

Thank you to Dick Rushlow and Dawn and Paul Shoemaker, for loaning us this priceless piece of Trenton History for our web site, and to Jay Tocco and Lasting Images Photography for use of the studio in digitizing this collection. Without their support, we would not have been able to get such an exciting resource online. Also, thanks to Carol Hendricks for facilitating the project, and to Paul Gallagher for his work in digitizing and placing these images online.

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"Sanborn", "Sanborn Map", "Sanborn Map Company", and "Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps" are recognized trademarks of the Sanborn Map Company, a subsidiary of Environmental Data Resources, Inc.  (EDR).  The Trenton Historical Society is in no way connected with either the Sanborn™ Map Company or Environmental Data Resources, Inc.

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