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Trenton Museum Outside, 1950's

The Trenton Historical Museum is a beautiful, two story frame structure in the Italianate style built in 1881, and has served as Trenton's museum since 1965 under the charge of the Trenton Historical Commission. You can read more about the history of the museum here.

Nearly all of the furnishings and historical items were donated by the generous residents of Trenton and surrounding communities.

Downstairs rooms are the back porch, kitchen, dining room, study, everyday parlor, and Sunday parlor. Each are filled with items and furniture depicting the turn of the century and the history of Trenton.

Upstairs rooms consist of the nursery, master bedroom and a third bedroom now known as "The Trenton Room." The nursery is filled with donated items from local residents pertaining to Trenton's past.

The other buildings on the grounds are the carriage shed built in 1978 and the coal shed that originally held coal for heating. The carriage shed houses many items which include a horse-drawn carriage, a steamer trunk, ship building tools, slate board, cider press, washing machines and a 1900 stroller.

For an additional tour of the Trenton Museum, please take a look at our narrated kitchen tour.

The Trenton Museum as seen in a 1950's photo.
Museum Parlor
The Sunday Parlor, the historical toys exhibit is currently on display in this photo.




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